Lean solutions

The biggest cost of an application is not in its development effort, but is spent during its further lifecycle.
By providing lean and flexible solutions, we can be sure there will be no hidden maintenance costs in the long-run.
This way, all applications can benefit from a risk-free evolution path.

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Proven technology

It's only possible to provide the ideal solution to our customers if we know about the pros and cons of the available technologies.
Therefore we keep training ourselves on a day by day basis, so we are prepared to give our customers a well-founded answer and provide them with a result that fits their needs.
All chosen technologies have a proven track record and a guaranteed future lifecycle.

We specialize in Java and other JVM-based solutions.
Some technologies in our tool chain: Java, J2EE/JEE, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, JSF, Wicket, Maven, Ivy, Git, SVN, CVS, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, JAXB, Webservices, REST, Tomcat, JBoss, Weblogic, Websphere, Jetty, Scala, Android ...

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Excellent quality

All our solutions are delivered with the highest quality in mind.

We achieve this by using various techniques like:
- Continuous Integration
- Testing: Unit, Integration, Black-box, Stress, Performance
- Code review
- Automated quality inspections

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Value for money

Our solutions both satisfy the customer's needs and remain competitively priced.

This way, we can deliver the highest possible ROI to our customers.

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Deliver to promise

We don't make promises we can't keep.
Our customers can be sure that our estimations and promises are well-founded, with the least possible risk factors included.
This way we can assure that our solutions will meet the promised scope, quality, schedule and budget.

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Customer satisfaction

In the end, all software solutions should have only 1 goal in mind: satisfy the customer.
By actively listening to the problems of our customers and continuously communicating with them, we can deliver the solution they're actually looking for.

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Braamstraat 24 3A
2900 Schoten
Telephone: +32 486 125 849
E-mail: info@romtis.be
VAT: BE0837 287 667

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Company details

ROMTIS bvba was founded in 2011.
It leverages more than 10 years experience in software engineering within multiple industries to provide its customers the solution they need.


Our core values: